Wednesday, October 8, 2008

the weak that was

The Manly sea eagles down trailed the the Melbourne storm on Sunday, 40 - 0. Embarrassing.

Kimbo got KTFO by a nobody who's name I can neither pronounce nor spell. Kimbo Slice are you kidding me? The big black bearded one didn't even throw a punch, not one punch and was dropped by what's-his-name with a short right while back peddling. That's right the guy was retreating when he sent Kimbo's overblown legend to its room to think about what it had done. Nothing by most accounts. Bas Rutten you oughta be ashamed.

I continue to work out like a geriatric turtle on downers. Slow and steady wins the race. If I keep up this hectic pace of one work out per week when I'm 35, over the hill, and scary looking I could be Kimbo too. Kimbo I shouldn't kick you while your down, but it's just so damn easy. Hmm, we could possibly meet one day right, I take it all back (except the part about how you suck, man I'm getting harsh in my old age).

a 2 g back squat: 20*60 (totally spent), 30*40, 40*10,80*5,90*5,100*5
chins (n-grip) me(97)/2*5

volume: 5120

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