Sunday, October 26, 2008

smiley sad adventures

Reading over this blog you could be forgiven for thinking that I'm a sarcastic git that hates old conservatives and ugly liberals. In the interest of full disclosure I actually respect John McCain and can tolerate Helen Clarke in small doses. I'm sure they feel much better now. I'm somewhat disappointed that I don't actually take full ownership of my discontents, except the discontent of all discontents, which is my lament over the fact that I have discontents . I was talking with an associate the other day and for all intents and purposes it seems as if this persons favourite pass time is complaining. It's as if I looked into a crystal ball and saw my future. It made me think long and hard about checking myself or my friend into a recovery clinic for the chronically pessimistic. Could this be the turning point? The catalyst for a shift from the dark side of the force to light? Darth Vader was always the coolest character in Star Wars (until Hayden Chritensen ruined him), leaving that all behind is a tough ask. There must needs be a middle way...I can't promise to swear of negativity forever, there's a little bit of ying in every yang, and sometimes venting can prevent volcanic eruptions down the line, but I'll look more for solutions as I criticize. There, now I feel much better too.

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