Monday, September 22, 2008

Save Our Snifters (how to save the world 2)

With all the hullabaloo over the global credit crunch and declining markets world wide, few (aside from the progressive individuals who participated in several internet petitions devoted to this topic, when this story actually broke) have taken the time to mourn the loss of this sacred piece of kiwiana, a crisis , which in this reporters mind, far out weighs the potential ramifications of a global economic collapse and what better forum to bring this important issue into wider circulation than this blog, with its standing readership of exactly zero people.

The Snifter: a chocolate centered, green shelled confectionery sensation, once a vital component of the kiwi movie going experience, now hangs on the verge of extinction. How did it come to this? No doubt money is the culprit once again, when will we ever learn? Money is to be distrusted, and subjected to our harshest skepticism at every opportunity. Money whether liquid or solid is a slippery amorphous character, devaluing and revaluing on a proverbial dime, you can never take it at its word and given half a chance it will drag the good name of innocent by standers, like snifters, through the mud every time. If it ever lays its grubby hands on the jaffas, I'll have my shotgun on standby. If any of you zero readers feel the same way, I have begun a new foundation: BYDD (Burn Your Dirty Dollars). As my contribution to the well being of society I will begin a paypal account, where you can send all your unwanted "root of all evil" pennies and I solemnly promise I will burn every last cent. Together we can save the world. Yes we can.

This polemic was brought to you by week old news (won!) and our ever intrepid reporter Loren "JIT" Hopkins

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