Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Triumphal Return

What started as a 1 week lay off turned into 2 and a bit. Pathetic really. My inner T-Man started getting restless, so today I had to get back into the cave and start pumping iron. During my time away Chuck Liddell was knocked out (that's putting it far too lightly) and the Auckland Warriors, defying all conventional wisdom and forever altering the destiny of the universe, beat the Melbourne Storm. I'm a fair weather fan I'll admit it, but Go the Warriors! And while these wondrous events were transpiring, what pray tell was I doing? I was at home, catabolizing, atrophying. Thank goodness that's over... R.I.P Chuck, you were my favourite, oh, and go the Warriors you're my favourite whenever you're winning.

A to G back Squat 20*30, 40*40, 50*20, 60*12, 70*10, 80*5 wimped out on the last set.

hang clean 60/2*3

Volume: 4680kgs

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