Thursday, September 18, 2008

Athvor the Dragon & Friends

This is my review of Robert T Gasperson's Weblog...

The web is my oyster (and whatever other food I feel like comparing it to), so when seeking an exquisite culinary delight, there are certain sites that I know will always cater to my tastes, check the side links if you feel like sampling some. Among all these, one of my favourites is Robert G's site. Why, you may ask? Please, allow my biases to sway you. Want words of inspiration, movie reviews, quirky quotes, obscure hobbies, money tips, links to half the sites on the internet, the ongoing story of Athvor the Dragon & Junis his friend, and much, much more? Then what are you waiting for click here now!

What I like best about Robert's smorgasbord blog is that I get to see another budding author take on the Dragon (for him both metaphorically and literarily, sorry folks that was a terrible pun, but I couldn't resist), knocking out a novel 200 words at a time for all the world to see (oh by the way I'm working on the same type of thing on one of my other blogs: Slightly Moderated Stream of Consciouness, or if you're a NaNoWriMo fan, feel free to call it SliModSoC). It's instructive in the art of writing, his site not mine, just by the fact that it's happening, more people should be doing this. To top it all off Robert seems like a really cool, really nice guy. So, if you're feeling like a feast of internet goodness head on over and follow Athvor's adventures and a whole bunch of other stuff.

That is all.

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