Friday, August 29, 2008


"The universe blew up, that was a long time ago, though." Said Ditie, a wing clipped pixie.

"here, here I remember it well, hasn't stopped ever either." said Bilix an offensively ugly former super model.

"Can you order me another round Bilix, I forgot me wallet."

"That old gag, sure thing ya hopeless little twerp."

"You got a heart of gold. I ever tell you that. Like I was saying big huge explosion from a pea. A pea! Princesses haven't slept too well ever since."

"What are you getting at. There's some connection between the beginning of the universe and fairy tales?"

Javier, the barperson came and refilled Bilix and Ditie's mugs.

"There's a connection between the beginning of the universe and everything Bil, don't be silly. What I'm saying is that it's all totally ridiculous. Look at me, I don't even exist, yet I'm here. I'm a pixie without wings, that was a good song someone released once, I think."

"Now you're being ridiculous."

"No, it's true. Whatever that means. The insides of the pea are expanding taking on all these different illusory forms. One day it'll all collapse and maybe if we're lucky it'll start over. The universe wants to *%^! us over"

"Ditie that's the worst story I've ever heard."

"Yep, lets watch some TV and try not think about it."

The indefatigable bartender, without the need for any explicit instruction walked over to the TV, turned it up and this from the box: "There've been reports of an out break of frogs, citizens are advised --"

Ditie cut in "I told you Bilix, ridiculous."

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