Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Loren Smash!

Don't be alarmed I wont hurt anyone, promise. If you're having difficulty seeing this picture it's OK that's just your retina's being burnt out by the reflective glare off of my ghostly white frame. I hear cataracts isn't that bad really, you'll get used to it. Ah, yes I'm ashamed to admit that I'm astonishingly unfathomably white, so embarrassed in fact that I post half naked pictures of myself on the internet for the whole world to see.
Now that I'm ready for gyming it up again and with the interest of humanity foremost in my mind I thought I'd take it upon myself to post a pre-work-out-pic of Loren. This is me before. As you can see the unthinkable has happened I actually have to strain to have my six pack show (a couple of the blighters are not quite poping the way I'd like, of course I played up the photo 'body for life' style for dramatic effect: making myself look fat and miserable and not really flexing). Don't worry though, my abs are perfectly fine and will be making an appearance in all their monochromatic Casper like glory very soon. Hey, what can I say I'm here for you guys.
Down to business...
Today at the gym I did a paltry:
DB flat bench press 2(30kg)/(2*10), 8
chins (I weigh 95kg)*10,8
volume: 3390kgs
Then I went up stairs and schooled some people at basketball.

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