Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"I'm Batman" I think

I watched the Dark Knight and it left me with an overwhelming feeling that can only be summarized as follows: everyone on earth should watch this movie. Not because it's particularly good, no, mainly because it's incomprehensibly, unfathomably, unequivocally, ridiculously good. In saying that it's probably best if I concede that hyperbole can't quite encapsulate the enormity of its goodness. We'll just have to settle for my clumsy description of its ineffable cinematic brilliance.

After seeing it on Saturday night, I walked out of the theatre and into Loren fantasy land. Which of the characters did I identify with the most? In the end I'd say I'm equal parts Joker and Batman in the sense that I'm not at all like either of them, I am neither incomprehensibly rich nor certifiably insane. Trying my best on both accounts though. Lets say that I'm a special kind of Two-Face (who's real world counterpart, Aaron Eckhart, is also a Mormon, good for him), half-batman and half-joker and all things in between. Every time I saw the Batman laying the smack down I got the uncontrollable urge to get buff (yes, I'm considering professional help for this). When I saw the Joker make that pencil disappear I wanted to be a magician. Both we're incredibly intelligent which no doubt has its benifits. In the end though as much as I'd like to be an agent of chaos, Batman wins out mainly because of his story. He took a tragedy, turned it around, set a goal, honed his mind and body to achieve the result he wanted through determined discipline (and he's also a total nut-case but we wont let that weigh to heavily on our opinion). Who would of thought that a comic book character could be so exemplary? Back to reality...

deadlift 140*8, 160*4, 140*8
power C&J 80/3*3
bench 60/2*10
volume: 4800kgs

Kudos to Heath Ledger, by the way, who was amazing as the Joker. I thought all the pre-release hype about his performance was well-meaning well-wishing in honour of the dead. I stand corrected.

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