Monday, July 28, 2008


Brandon wasn't the only one who noticed this seemingly singular phenomena; The Moon, who had all but lost interest in the comings and goings of earth's passengers through wanton acts of self-absorption, long ago, paused for a moment. Not in movement, but in thought, he had seen flying stars, but never flying humans, not like this.

"Hello. You down there, with the fiery tale." The moon was a bright chap when he wanted to be and had mastered a number of languages being quite proficient in the use of English. What he failed to realise is that sound doesn't travel so well in a vacuum, still he persisted: "Hello, Mr. flying man!" No answer.

With all his might he willed every one of his neurons to fire, shaking off many millennia of mental inertia, pooling all his resources in an effort to reach out to the flying man. He needed to know how he was flying and wanted to know right now.

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