Wednesday, October 26, 2011

today it starts again

i am loren hopkins. loren means crowned one. my dad told me that hopkins means son of the goblin (and later revised this to: son of the cobbler, which is far less interesting). when i first watched labyrinth, i decided, thanks to my name, that i would be the goblin king, not because of my unhealthy obsession with jennifer connelly, or my cannibalistic fetish for baby flesh, but mainly because goblins are vile and foul creatures and king's are noble and elevated (or at least pretend to be) and david bowie has very tight pants. i like the juxtaposition of incongruent things.

i am a burly man and a philosopher, a mystic atheist, a master of ambivalence, paradox and contradiction. i am loren hopkins and i'm back.

there are more worlds than we know in the world, let alone in the universe. for starters there is my inner and outer life. i went to the gold coast 600 hundred this week and watched half the race on tv, the track wrapped around my apartment complex, but there's something comforting about peering into a little black box. everything is mediated. experience is always filtered, the outer world is shaped by my inner life. i try to use words to set my conscious free, but perhaps a new approach is in order.

i am a collection of several incomplete jigsaw puzzles, the pieces don't quite fit together properly. someone get me some dmt.

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