Monday, September 27, 2010

days of my lives

"Never confuse movement, with action." -- Ernest Hemingway

On the move again. What is this like 7 or 8 times now in 18 months? I'm running out of fingers, so I'm losing count. I'll be very close to Surfer's Paradise which is nice, I'll have plenty of options for when I go out sarging now, lol.

Ever notice how the amount of kipple that you accumulate is always disproportionate to the space in which it's stored. I'm such a girl. How do you fit 20 metric tonnes of stuff into one room? Unbelievable.

We're well into the year of our Lord 2010, and I'm marginally better than before. Marginally. That's not the kind of progress I like to make. I want quantum leaps, not little ant steps. I keep telling myself when I get settled, find a place where the grass is always green and all that, then I'll be good to go, but life doesn't work that way. You've got to draw your line in the sand and then no matter what: do it. If you have to, burn the boat you sailed in on. Retreat is not an option.

I'm a bit agitated, so I'm not going to do something now that the experts say you shouldn't ever do, that would be bad like using double negation in a sentence. If you're going to set a goal don't tell people about it (cheers Whore of all the Earth), just shut up and do it. So I wont tell you Internet, my friend, that I'm going to do this certain thing. You're a smart-like entity, read between the lines, you'll figure it out. Those who know do not say, those who say do not know, ya know?

Snorlax understands the principle of doing by not doing. Be the Snorlax!

As a young man in neutral, and poster child of the lost generation X, I'll just drop this one hint, things they will be a changin. Change, it's inevitable except from vending machines. Consider this fair warning universe. I wont repeat myself. Until next time.


Justin said...

Oh boy, I've got a very bad feeling about this....

Loren said...

be afraid be very afraid