Wednesday, March 24, 2010

the final indulgence

I sit down.

I'm really going to do this.

My singlet covered in sweat, my odor overpowering.

McDonald's is evil, but McNuggets are so good.

Really, really good.

Ideal post workout nutrition.

I offer up a sacrifice to my false gods.

This is purely ritual.

The last time.

I so covenant this day.



Pianika said...

Sounds like me and chocolate lol, "This is the last time, for real... no I really mean it this time, no more, I promise..." Well, sincerely good luck with that one.

As to your flies post, i think they do have a purpose. Something to do with speeding up the decomposition of organic matter, food, animals, dead rats and such. My room was recently overrun by flies when a rat died, i think somewhere in the vicinity of the roof, and it took most of a can of fly spray to wipe them all out. For normal flies i prefer swatting, its very satisfying, but i think it would take alot more to kill those big ugly blowfly types.

Loren said...

everything has it's purpose no doubt (even McDonald's), but couldn't there be a nicer way to go about the decomposition process? probably not, death's an ugly thing, and flies are right there in the middle of it, stinking up the joint. Another mark against them.

I think I prefer swatting too, there's more of a personal touch to it. Death to them all!