Wednesday, October 21, 2009

a little light reading with Mr Baum 3

That was a long walk. I could have stayed where I started and remained equally (yet not so definitively) disappointed. No need to carry it all the way here. There was a nice show, a flashy display of power. We expected as much. Something wasn't quite right though, something felt wrong.

That's when we decided to look behind the curtain. There we found a man, well-meaning though he may have been, but still merely a man and not the wizard for which we were hoping. He did his best to conjure up solutions nonetheless, to our various problems, and some of us were impressed with his skulduggery, I however retained my disappointment upon discovery of his deception. Scarecrow still thinks he got a brain; Tinman believes he received a heart; Lion is no longer afraid; getting Dorothy home proved more of a challenge than the rest; I didn't get a billion dollars either. And all this thanks to the wonderful wizard of Oz and confirmation bias. Do we always find what we are looking for? Only on the occasions when we don't.

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