Sunday, August 30, 2009

The End?

Synopsis: Loren leaves his native land of New Zealand to play rugby league in Australia and get paid for it. Loren is old and should have retired by now.

Yesterday we played in one of the million preliminary semi-finals required by the incredibly convoluted McIntyre 5-team final System and we were sadly eliminated, losing by 1 point. Ouch. So, ends the unheralded era of Loren ripping up the light brown league fields of Ozzie. Or is it? Going out the way we did I'm almost tempted to return, but I don't know if my body will hold up. What ever the case, this year has been one of the most educational in recent memory for me. The demands of the weekly grind in preparation for corporeal devastation will not quickly be forgotten. Physical pain can often be a more effective teacher than the contemplative exercise of existential angst. Let's hope I've learned my lesson.

Assessment: Loren plays for the Runaway Bay Seagulls for a meagre fee. It's awesome. Mission accomplished, next mission still pending.

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