Sunday, March 15, 2009

creation phase 1

We are a contingent part of reality, there is nothing that necessitates our being here. Looking from a materialist perspective the universe is as it is purely by chance. The conditions happen to be balanced in a way that allows for the possibility of life, so we shouldn't be overly astounded at the fact that life exists. Here's were the contingent part comes in, there are an infinite number of ways that the universe could have organized itself after the big bang, and theoretically speaking these variations on the theme likely exist in the quantum foam somewhere. We lucked out, and popped up in one where the Anthropic principle is in operation, it's good to be alive.

Similarly, in the spiritual sphere, we are not here out of strict necessity - for starters we could have chosen not to come. God by definition is perfect, in other words whole, which means in some sense that he didn't need to create us, because he doesn't need anything. He doesn't want for anything, he just is. Creation (and this is a big call, I know) consequently is a choice, not an obligation.

I used to look at the arts and wonder what they're for. Examined through a harsh lens they don't seem to serve any practical purpose (in the Darwinian sense). Sure, musicians and artists in the right context seem to pull a lot of girls, but I'm not sure this is a result of evolutionary fitness, more a by-product of certain cultural expectations and values (and sometimes a contrarian interaction with them). But where does culture come from and where is it going? It creates order, it creates meaning, and art, when it comes down to it is a huge contributor to culture creation. So all though it seems at first blush to be self-indulgent fluff perhaps (and little more), while not vital to our physical survival it still serves a human or consciousness affirming purpose: Art often prompts us to contemplate life the universe and everything, no small task. It is the result of creativity courtesy of our initial creation and I like it.

Try some at your own risk.

TBC soon

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