Friday, March 20, 2009

0103 today I will be with you in paradise

I left the oven on!

Brandon sat up. Salt flavoured water escaped his lips. His apartment could be burning down as he sat there dribbling in the middle of...

Where am I !?

Four things immediately sprung to mind, each competing tenaciously for attention. The oven's on, wasn't yet ready to give up pole position; it was followed closely by Melanie's trapped in a rubbish bin and only I can save her (except he was here and she was not); I almost drowned, which explained the water balloon feeling in the pit of his lungs; and finally: but didn't I die already? This last question came closest to answering the first. Answering a question with a question, it was all getting very philosophical, but the deep contemplation was far from over.

"Is this heaven !?!"

An unsightly creature strolled up to the blubbering mess that was Brandon. It seemed to occupy an uncomfortable level of height that couldn't  exactly be described as dwarfism, but was still diminutive enough as to certainly prohibit it from participating in most of the rides at Disneyland. Its grotesque visage was so abhorrent that to experience it was almost sublime. It was so ugly that it was in a strange way beautiful. 

Heaven Brandon? No. Not exactly.

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