Friday, February 27, 2009

free writing 001 internet

Does the internet need more superfluous verbiage? Oh hell yes. Oh hell no. Does the internet really need anything? Once we get passed the basic necessities of survival, nobody really needs more, this is were we usually run into trouble. We start dreaming. The basics: Food, Shelter and clothing. The internet doesn't even really need them, sure in the metaphorical Gaia sense the internet is a living organism, but lets not break the metaphor in half, not just yet. It's not alive (I've watched a lot of Sesame Street in my time, I can tell the difference). It's a needless wantless thing. It's enlightenment, everything we ever wanted to not want to be, detached and connected all at once. The question is moot, does the internet need more verbal diarrhea? The internet is verbal diarrhea, we made it that way. Any and all answers are good. Don't forget to flush.

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