Thursday, January 8, 2009

looking at the unseen

Bereft of the tools consequent to achieving the unattainable levels of awesomeness so desired, I delivered my ignoble machinations to the feet of other, more worthy adherents of the code. My offerings unappreciated, and abilities still lacking I resolved to continue in the original course predetermined by leaders that I had committed to follow, yet never had met; a peculiar loyalty that I had failed to question, spoiled by my singular focus in achieving a design which was as much a mystery to me as they were. Better a life of meaning as defined by others than the existential angst of the unknown, although a silent voice kept telling me I could never be sure.

work out>>
pull ups me*19
bench 100*4,102.5*3,100*3
pull ups me/2*10
OH squat, 60/3*3
power snatch 60,70

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