Tuesday, December 16, 2008

i am a cleverly disguised internet virus

Greetings Zero Readers,

I am undertaking an adventure in blogging.

We here at the Slightly Moderated Stream of Consciousness could not be contained, so we're going global. Come and join me on my odyssey, which continues in part over at Urraca: Cesar Torres' blog on writing, where he, Tim Frick and I will wax lyrical, philosophical and Karate Kid on topics related to Ye Grande Olde art of Writing. By the sounds of things, they are both infinitely more qualified then I when it comes to advice on such matters, as they both have works in print, I will attempt, however to add something of value to the discussion. I'll be guest blogging Thursdays New Zealand time, which'll make it Wednesdays Chicago time, but there's no need to wait till then, go check out the site now.

Rock On,

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