Monday, November 3, 2008


If you go back far enough everything is the same thing. ACTGACT knew this well. He came from a long string of similarly coded lines. of course it didn't really matter what he knew or even what he thought the preservation of the whole was the important thing. Mutations would come and go, there had been untold numbers of variant strains, and variation had been tolerated until now.

Base chemicals that came together to form the building blocks of life were a rarity in the universe, but the probability of there continued existence had become less and less stable in the past few years. ACTGACT sat barely listening to the proposed plan by one of the monkey double helix's, he wasn't convinced that this conference could achieve anything concrete. The human DNA and all others barely even communicated anymore. All he wanted to do was his job, and then do whatever happens when he stopped working. Maybe when he moved onto the next phase of being things would go back to being the same again.

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