Monday, October 20, 2008


Mack mental note to self: do not work out @ 5pm on Mondays. Not at this gym.The basement level was packed tighter than a Chinese passenger train at peak hour. I went on patrol, maneuvering with great difficulty through the seething crowd, searching for a vacant work station. All the benches (read: all the important places) were occupied. During my amazing journeys across the cutting room floor, after I recovered from the worst play on words ever, like that wasn't even a pun, like lets forget that ever happened, like totally, I like came across two familiar statues posing as men or maybe it was the other way around. I thought I'd just walked into the never ending story and these sentinels were charging up their eye blasts just in case they needed to purge the landscape of any weakly passers by. These were fellow power-lifters, brothers with arms, competitors (yes, we'd faced off before in the university power lifting contest), but they were benching and when it comes to benching challenges it's best for me just to walk the other way. I offered salutations and they volunteered their consolations as I tucked my tail and migrated to the outskirts of the gym. After a begrudging wait, I finally got a bench, loaded it up, looked at the weight and couldn't help but feel disappointed.

bench: 60*10, 95/5*3
chins 98m/6*5


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