Wednesday, October 15, 2008

guess my essay

Those were the days, sponsored by Aunty Helen, going to the gym everday, sleeping in as often as possible. Procrastination was a way of life and life was good. Then I graduated and got a job and things started going south real quick. But when ever life gets me down I pull out one of me old essays and shed tear for them good old days. I was reading over one of me favourites the other day and came across this passage, it surprised me mainly because it seemed to be out of place given what the subject of the piece was. I' m reviving Marvel's no-prize, hopefully they don't sue, if you can guess what the topic was you get one. It'll be well worth it, but you'll never get it...

Imagine life without memory, the world as we know it now, wouldn’t exist. Sensations would enter our bodies in a blur and vanish without a trace; as if they had never existed. Memories form our own personal narrative in time and although we may not explicitly remember every incident along the way, we collect different moments here and there that help us to make sense of our identities. We are living breathing stories made up of our past experience.


PK said...

So i'm going to make a stab in the dark and guess "amnesia." I don't even know what you studied at uni though, so it could be any topic. But thats my 5c worth.

lorenhops said...


I'll take you're 5c and raise you 10. Good guess, but no no-prize. Hint: there's a subtle hint contained within the post itself as to what it is.

I studied philosophy and sociology at uni, but that probably doesn't help very much (believe me I know).