Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Sometimes if you listen closely, when all is still, you can hear the yelping of a poor lost dog.

"yelp, yelp." It goes.

Its pathetic cry tugs at the heart strings, upsetting the fine tuning required to maintain such a sensitive instrument. Peculiar melodies echo throughout the passages of the participants body triggering strange responses like water works or a pleasantly warm feeling in the pit of ones stomach, which is fine if you're in to that type of thing. But from a detached view it's all very illogical. Except when it comes to saucer-eyed furry creatures in which case it is totally untenable, even the most unemotivated can't help but be drawn to these pitiable beasts. So you must never sit in silence, meditation is a prison masquerading as escape, achieving enlightenment is to be caught up in the rapture of its sad sad song.

It is said that the pup wears on it's face the smouldering refuse of the worlds ills. Don't touch it, you may become infected, don't entertain anything but the thought of running if the dreaded creature darkens your path or chases your shadow. Love will deceive you, hold fast to reason.

What is this creature you speak of?

They call him Absolom.

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