Saturday, September 13, 2008


It had been a long day although it consisted of 24.5 hours, just like any other. Loren had just returned from dismantling his younger brothers in a game of 21 (basketball), this was often enough to boost his alpha male status for at least a few minutes before the subtle undermining began again in earnest.

Basking in the victor's glow of complicit acknowledged superiority Loren was unprepared for what awaited at his parents home. Reverting to type, incapable of preparing even the most basic meal, Loren was a throwback to a simpler time, a hunter gatherer, he scoured his parents pantry with relish, gorging himself on the scraps of whatever he could find, and so he visited often.

While there, he came upon a wily, deceitful creature, his younger sister Hannah. Oblivious to her incredulous mind games, distracted by his own brilliance, he began to conversate with her as a means of expressing his genteel manner and well publicized concern for other humans (who were of his kin). Before he knew it he was involved in a third world squatting, while reading a book contest. The first to leave this uncomfortable position entitled the other to a special favour. What was his disappointment when he lost. Undone by a 10 year old, outwilled by a little girl, Loren tried to locate his man badge but it seemed to have gone missing.

The next day, as promised, he took his sister to the movies. To his chagrin The Clone Wars was her choice, but it turned out to be better than the other three prequels combined, which was not a difficult task, but surprising nonetheless. Live action follow ups to the greatest films ever made, beaten by an upstart second rate CGI flick, they should have been better, in a way he could sympathise, he should have been too. Damn you George Lucas.

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