Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Dragons are rarely happy, and almost never dead. There is a possible correlation between these two indignities. Contrary to popular belief these creatures aren't immortal but rather false-immrotals, which is to say there are no recorded instances of dragons actually dying from natural causes, which is to say that dragons live for an inordinately, unfathomably, inconcievabley long length of time. What is natural or unnatural is a matter of debate, but old age seems not to adversely effect these creatures. Humans and all other life on earth have an infinite number of permutations by which they can suffer the negation of life. Dragons however are unique in this respect given that the only known method by which any have been sent to the great beyond was by the sword and strictly speaking only by a piercing of (one or more of) their great hearts. Dagons thus were one of the most prolific pests known to the ancient world. Which begs the question, where did they all go? -- exerpts from the work of Dr Malcom "Crazy Pants" Esteval

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