Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lightning Thunder and Nazi Attack Strategies

I have a confession to make, I've been holding it in since Saturday, but it's been building in intensity ever since and it's now time to come clean (thankfully no one actually reads this blog): I have a man crush on Usain Bolt. There I said it. I'm secure in my manhood though, as my previous posts have indicated, yes I bench all the time so I can say anything I like because nothing but testosterone pumps through these veins. For anyone who thinks I have homophobic issues I'll have you know that many of my favourite sports have homo-erotic undertones. Well, I'm sure glad we've got that issue settled.

Ah, what an absolute freak of nature, this guy's what Superman and Flash would be if they were black and/or cool. After dancing his way to the 100 meter record and a gold medal with his shoes untied, in his own words he decided to "leave everything out there on the track today" and that's what he did (well, yesterday). Now he's got the 200m record and gold too, why not the 400m and 800m as well, because by the looks of things this guy could own any race anywhere, any time. With this new source of inspiration I merrily marched my way to the gym and blitzkrieged it, in and out like a lightning bolt.

a1 bench 70/6*5

a2 chins (95 me)/6*5

volume: 4950kgs

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