Saturday, August 2, 2008

the awakening

Loren tried to wake up; on days like this that seemed like a hard ask. It was Saturday morning; the last time he'd seen one of those was when there were only two television channels and he'd get up for the cartoons. These were much darker times. The bleak prospect of being an adult about the situation failed to move him from the fetal position. The promise of vacuuming, laundrying and other household chores lay ahead; he preferred his mattress and so went on sleeping for longer than anyone cared to remember.

The next time he remembered having a coherent thought, he realised that he had a date scheduled for later that day. Sleep would have to go on hold unfortunately.

Being partial to a Zen out look, decisions were often postponed until they became absolutely necessary. Specifics like where the date would occur, and how to get to the datees house were all concerns that would be dealt with in the moment that he encountered them. This philosophy had served him well as far as he could tell, that lucky girl she'd probably never come across another person this spontaneous.

Loren failed several times trying to tame his semi-receding afro. A baseball cap proved to be the most sensible option. He shaved and also misplaced his wallet before running out the door. Tardiness would never do. Projecting a an aura of reliability by arriving on time was imperative. It meant you had some semblance of order in your life even if, strictly speaking, that was not necessarily true.

After a relatively event-less journey he walked down the drive, up to the door and knocked. She opened the door. Things were off to a great start.

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