Monday, August 4, 2008


The earth has a long, proud and storied history of Dragons [The Moon, not so much so.] Dragons famously dispatched by the likes of Sigfried and Bilbo and Bilbo's helper and probably many of the Knights of the Round Table live on now only in legend. It seems that possibly Dragons have been unfairly represented traditionally as gold hoarding man-killing whore mongering misanthropic reprobates. Nothing could be further from the truth. This archaic antipathy unfairly held by pre-modern hominids has largely been replaced by a progressive tolerant view of these ancient creatures, a position made possible probably because the idea of a fire breathing monster exists only in the abstract, the reification of which in the present with the resultant inevitable increase in accidental human combustions [sic] would probably reinforce the long held backward view of this leviathan of the sky and set back dragon/human relations at least 2000 years. Unfortunately, there are no known dragons on earth to give voice to this gentle (but unintentionally dangerous) creature's side of the relational equation in question. So, we are left to anecdotal - most of which are spurious - reports of their existence. Dragons are thought now to be completely wiped out by intolerant and ignorant humans/hobbits, however new evidence indicates that the last verifiable dragon siting occurred May 19, 1963 (I have pictures). It was black and silver, current whereabouts: unknown. -- Dr Malcom "Crazy Pants" Esteval, taken from his final journal entry.

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