Saturday, July 26, 2008

cyclone alert

A lot goes into a good work out. I was well on my way when things started getting complicated. I thought the parking proved a difficult task (nothing available immediately outside the gym) until I got to the walk. Between me and my destination? About 600 meters of pavement and a 300 mile an hour of wind. I knew I forgot something: storm warnings promised to be at the intensity of cyclone Bola. I couragously negotiated with the malfunctioning parking meters in unfriendly conditions for several minutes. As I made my way down the home stretch, my cap was blown mercilessly from my head and my hair got all messed up, what would the gym hotties think? Bravely I soldiered on and like a Muslim on a pilgrimage I found my Mecca. Peace be upon you.

Half hour of shooting around (bball).
power clean and jerk 60/2*5
military 40*10,8
seated row 70/2*10 last rep pause
inc press 60*10

volume: 3320kgs

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