Tuesday, July 22, 2008

All NBA baby!

I'm all NBA: Natural Born Athlete. I didn't discover this fact until I was close to my mid 20s, perhaps a little too late to achieve anything of merit in the sports world, but I've never really allowed reality to interfere with my plans too much.

I am the prototypical late bloomer, to reinforce this label my body in spite of my best efforts conspired against me inflicting or acquiescing to a strange undetectable medical anomaly. Exerting any physical energy beyond the strain of walking sapped all my energy and left me feeling as if my right eye were going to explode. The closest anyone ever came to explaining my condition was a vague allusion to something called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, the long time go to scape goat of Doctors who weren't quite sure what the hell's wrong with you.

A few weeks ago I made an unexpected full recovery. I'm back. Who's gonna stop me now?

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